Hilarious flight attendant brings a bit of fun to kick start a Southwest Airlines flight to Salt Lake City.This clever and witty entertainment was greeted with laughter and applause, putting an end to any pre-flight tension!


Are you getting involved in the Grand National 2014 taking place tomorrow? Some of the most popular bets according to oddschecker currently stand as:

Teaforthree 8:1

Monbeg Dude 12:1

Long Run 12:1

Tidal Bay 14:1

Double Seven 14:1

But we like the sound of The Rainbow Hunter coming in at 33:1

Get your bets placed and enjoy the race! :)

Balthazar King all the way!! :o)

Beautiful (And strangely hypnotic)

Beautiful (And strangely hypnotic)

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VIMTO - Born in Manchester 1908


nope.. not Ibiza.. Manchester Sunset..


Noriyoshi Ohrai’s original 1980 poster art for The Empire Strikes Back, including detail shots and a brief write up, appears on Eddie Shannon’s Film on Paper this month. Eddie’s site — handsomely set in Knockout and Ideal Sans — is an archive of his collection of over 1,500 film posters, each documented in glorious detail, alongside interviews with poster illustrators (including Vic Fair, Tyler Stout and Graham Humpreys), book recommendations, resources and more. Sounds like quite an endeavour:

Every single photo on this site (and there are currently just over 12,000 of them) was captured by me, unless clearly marked otherwise. Photographing the collection took me close to two years since I could only do this during the daytime (meaning weekends and days off work) and when I wasn’t otherwise busy. I decided to take multiple photos of each poster so I could capture as much detail as possible.